The Russian Bride is going to be epic

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he Michigan snow covered the grounds of the Scripps Estate in Lake Orion at exactly the scheduled time during filming in March. The actors, including stars Corbin Bernsen (the groom), Oksana Orlan (the bride) and young Kristina Pimenova (the bride’s daughter), gave their best performance. So did the crew, the stunt people, and everyone else. The guests helped to create a great wedding scene.

Feature film

By the end of May, Michael Ojeda’s horror thriller ‘The Russian Bride’ officially entered its post-production stage. The director is working hard to complete his masterpiece. With a good part of the video editing already done, it looks like ‘The Russian Bride’ will have the length to be called a feature film. Ojeda, who always strives for perfection, thinks it’s going to be ’truly epic’.


Asked why a micronation, that claims a parcel of land on the Danube, is supporting this movie, executive producer Guido den Broeder (who played a Russian doctor) replies. “We have followed Kristina from the beginning, you could say she is our muse. Of course, as a cultural nation, we were happy to find an opportunity to enter the movie industry. And the first article of our constitution promises fair treatment to all, which Russian internet brides don’t often get.”


Although the film is expected to be finished in 2017, the exact release date is still unknown. “Michael wants quality before speed, and I agree. Even so, echoing what others said, I can hardly wait for it to premiere.”

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